How To Enable Flash In Chrome

April 7, 2017

If you are using Chrome and unable to play our free online games: 1. Copy/paste into Chrome’s address bar: chrome://settings/content 2. Scroll down to the Flash section 3. Select “Allow sites to run Flash”

How to Redeem Steam Keys

January 24, 2015

Join and Install Steam The first step to redeeming a Steam key if you have not already done so is to create a Steam account and download the Steam client. You can do these things […]

How To Redeem Origin Keys

January 24, 2015

An Origin account is required in order to redeem and play the game you purchased through GameFools. Here are the steps to redeem and play: Sign up for an Origin account here. Once you are […]

How to redeem a code on a Windows 10 PC

January 4, 2015

If redeeming a code on a Windows 10 PC, we recommend navigating to the integrated Microsoft Store app. As an app tightly integrated into Windows 10, redeeming codes for Windows apps and games automatically triggers […]