JayIsGames.com Will No Longer Be Updating

Casual game authority JayIsGames has written a farewell post explaining that after having run the site for 12 years, they will no longer be updating the site with new content.  The writer of the post does not go into detail, but states: “we can no longer continue operating due to a variety of factors.” You can read the original blog post here.

While there have been new posts since they have declared their update stoppage, they have been written by readers of the site and not by JayIsGames staff.

JayIsGames has been a great resource of all things casual game related. We at GameFools are personally saddened to see the news. If you would like to contribute to their cause and try to get them up and running again, you can contribute to their Pantreon and get special JayIsGames badges and other rewards.