New York Attorney General criticizes the poor quality of Time Warner Internet service

Time Warner

Some troubling comments have been made in regards to Time Warner Cable’s Internet service by ┬áThe New York Attorney Generals office. These remarks were documented in an open letter to Charter Communications. As Time Warner Cable continues to advertise their internet service as “blazing fast,” a preliminary investigation into the service has apparently left the New York office unimpressed and has lead to the use of such adjectives as “troubling,” and “abysmal.”

The main effect of the poor internet is most visible when viewing streaming video on sites such as YouTube and Netflix, and equally poor in regards to lag time when playing online games. Both of these forms of entertainment require fast and consistent internet speeds which Time Warner has proven not to be able to deliver. Since much of the Internet’s bandwidth is dedicated to this type of usage, it has left customers of Time Warner feeling frustrated and often times with no other viable alternatives as an Internet service provider.

Recently, Time Warner Cable was purchased by Charter Communications. The deal turned Charter into the 2nd largest cable and Internet provider. For the deal to go through, Charter was required to agree to a specific set of terms.  These terms included:

  • No caps on customer data
  • No interconnection fees.

Since the deal has gone through there seems to have been no improvement of service and Wu made the following plea to Charter and Time Warner:

“We hope your company will take the opportunity to work with NYAG to clean up Time Warner Cable’s act and deliver the quality Internet service New Yorkers deserve and have long been promised.”