Winter Games Bundle

Winter blues got you down? We have the solution. Go vacation in Bermuda!

For those of you that aren’t in a position to drop big money on vacation, we have a more wallet friendly alternative for you. Play games! More specifically, play the games in our newest PC game bundle appropriately named Winter Games Bundle.

We’ve combined 3 of our best “winter” themed games in this bundle and packaged them at one low price. The 3 games you’ll be getting in this bundle are: Season Match 2, Insane Cold – Back to the Ice Age, and Youda Farmer 3 – Seasons.

Let’s break these great games down for you.

Season Match 2

Your mission: find all the missing pieces of the magic mirror and defeat the Snow Queen. You’ll do this by playing 260 match 3 levels. There are also an extra 100 levels for those of you brave enough to collect all of the trophy awards.

Insane Cold – Back to the Ice Age

It’s your typical story: Boy meets girl. Boy invites girl to lunch. Boy buys amulet at antique shop and accidentally awakens an ancient frost giant that sends the planet into an evil ice age. Don’t worry though, by finding hidden objects and solving puzzles, you can unlock the secrets to put everything right again.

Youda Farmer 3 – Seasons

Think it’s difficult to farm in the middle of winter? Well you’re right! But we believe in you and so does Youda. In this time-management game, you will show the world what you are made of by rebuilding your farm that was leveled by a brutal winter storm. Level after level, you will slowly rebuild your once glorious farm into something new and better.

These games should keep you happy and warm for the remainder of this cold season. So what are you waiting for?

Buy Winter Games Bundle!