Atlantis Sky Patrol

Atlantis Sky Patrol

Knock out doomsday devices that have been planted around the world.
Embark on an exciting adventure across the world with Atlantis Sky Patrol. As the world faces an imminent threat from a malevolent force, you must use your skills to eliminate over 100 deadly doomsday devices that have been planted across the globe. With no time to waste, you must swiftly travel to each destination on the map and match colored marbles in sets of three to eliminate chains and diffuse these devices.

Experience a unique twist on the classic marble-popping game that will leave you glued to your screen for hours on end. Atlantis Sky Patrol is easy to learn but difficult to master, providing an intense and rewarding gameplay experience. The game’s intuitive controls and dynamic power-ups, including lightning bolts and bombs, make for an engaging and strategic challenge. So, gear up for an epic adventure, hone your skills, and save the world from impending doom in Atlantis Sky Patrol.

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