Gold Sprinter

Gold Sprinter

Run around levels gathering gold and escaping cruel monsters.
Gold Sprinter is an action-packed classic arcade game with modern touches and improved visuals that gives it an immersive edge. Traverse levels filled with traps and puzzles while collecting gold coins from wicked monsters. Every level requires thought and skill to pass safely without becoming trapped by one of many villains. The challenge lies in finding a way through a series of well-crafted mazes using logical thinking; every move must be well calculated to evade enemies chasing after you for their own precious gold coins.

The gameplay takes inspiration from the classic platformer, Lode Runner, and offers a fresh take on the timeless genre. To top it off, there are loads of hidden rewards scattered throughout levels, adding further depth to this entertainingly addictive game. Utilize your powerful blaster weapon, which can blast through solid walls or even deploy bombs which will destroy any obstacle in its wake. Prepare for the ultimate struggle for survival against monsters guarding their treasures in the intense arcade world of Gold Sprinter.

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