Inca Ball

Inca Ball

Immerse yourself in a great quest for the treasures of an ancient civilization.
"I enjoy the challenging levels and keep trying to get better and further. It is both challenging and fun at the same time. The game gives me a break from working yet does not take up too much time. It lets you return to the game where you left off, not having to start over from scratch."
-Review from Verified customer: patriciapowers3
Game Description
Immerse yourself in a great quest for the treasures of an ancient civilization in Inca Ball. Use your quick wits and skill to shoot orbs into a moving chain of colored balls to create a sequence of same colored spheres. Clear all the spheres to make your way to the treasure room, where you can purchase a number of explosive artifacts that will help you on your quest. Finish the game, and a special prize will be yours. The treasures of Inca Ball await.

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