My Pretty Kitty

My Pretty Kitty

Care for your virtual cat and dress her in the most fashionable attire.
"When I first saw My Pretty Kitty, I thought oh no another kids game, but it has turned out to be a real challenge. I love it, and it's very addicting. Even taking care of kitty is amusing."
-Review from Verified customer: cdsdjs
Game Description
Do you love cats as much as we do? In My Pretty Kitty, take care of a virtual pet by completing fun Match-3 levels and earning pet dollars to feed, play with and dress your cat in the most fashionable clothes available. The happier you make your cat, the more rewards you will earn. Check out this wonderful blend of Match-3 and Tamagochi. Featuring cute kittens behaving like real cats, hundreds of exciting puzzle levels and lots of clothes and collections, My Pretty Kitty is a delight.
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