Dr. Cares: Amy's Pet Clinic

Dr. Cares: Amy's Pet Clinic

Find a cure for the epidemic threatening the lives of pets.
"I love Dr. Cares: Amy's Pet Clinic, and it is so cute. Emily from the Delicious games comes to visit too. It's all about the vet Amy taking care of the pets in town -- fast and fun, you'll love it!"
-Review from Verified customer: LindaLTrujillo
Game Description
Following the death of her grandfather, Amy’s trying to build up her reputation as Snuggford’s new pet doctor. Unfortunately life has a knack for getting in the way. No sooner has she started to settle in, than her childhood rival shows up in town, dragging her past into the present. But while Amy struggles to deal with both her vet clinic and her past, disaster strikes. A mysterious epidemic spreads through the town, threatening the lives of pets across Snuggford. Her best friends Crystal and Lisa offer their help, but Amy doggedly insists on doing everything herself. Will Amy find a cure for the epidemic in Dr. Cares: Amy's Pet Clinic?
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I love this game. It is amazing. It has really good graphics, and the fact that it has side stories keeps it really interesting.
I enjoyed this game very much. I like the graphics and the different chores. I also like the pace of it -- keeps me busy and wanting to play more and more.
Great game. It’s very similar to the Delicious games. Like the plot line. Highly recommend it to all.
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