We Want Your PC and Online Games! S1I9146A75D

If you are a developer of casual PC or online games, we are interested in distributing your titles to our millions of loyal players. Let's see which opportunities can help you meet your goals:

PC Games:
   • Global reach for your games on one of the world's largest casual game portals
   • Direct marketing through our email, paid advertising and On Demand channels
   • Real-time reporting for you to evaluate your games’ performance

Online Games:
   • Support for Flash, HTML5 and Unity developed web games (ad-free please)
   • Cross-promotion opportunities to extend the exposure for your top-rated games
   • Free-to-play API so you can monetize your Flash developed virtual worlds

To get started, simply send us your game(s) using the form below. We look forward to partnering with you!
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