My Haunted Doll

My Haunted Doll

Navigate a hotspot for paranormal activity to uncover its dark history.
In My Haunted Doll, your adventure begins when Mary, owner of Mary Co. museum, unsuspectingly acquires an ancient doll rumored to harbor the spirits of a little girl and the Devil. This 2D survival horror game immerses you in a story set in the 1800s, where the boundary between reality and the supernatural becomes increasingly blurred. Navigate the eerie halls of the museum, now a hotspot for paranormal activity, to uncover the dark history of the cursed doll.

Your quest in My Haunted Doll is fraught with challenges as you encounter unexplained phenomena and sinister presences. Explore the museum's hidden corners to unravel the mystery, while dealing with poltergeist activities and nightmarish illusions. The game tests your courage and wits, as the demonic force within the doll strives to thwart your efforts. Can you break the curse and save Mary from her haunted nightmare? The fate of both Mary and the museum rests in your hands, as you delve into a world where every shadow holds a secret.

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