Word Slinger

Word Slinger

Carefully craft your web of words to earn extra points and bonuses.
"Word Slinger is the perfect mini break from work at my computer. When I need to take my mind off whatever I'm doing, I can switch to a game of Word Slinger to relax while also using my brain to maximize my score. I have a game going at almost all times, and I've chalked up quite a score! Highly recommended for lovers of words and crossword puzzles."
-Review from GameFools customer: hesbooks
Game Description
Word Slinger adds another classic to the word game genre, packed with a plethora of bonuses and power-ups. You'll find them placed randomly on the game board, so carefully craft your web of words to earn extra points and pass levels with greater ease. Fit for puzzle game and word game lovers alike, Word Slinger will have you hooked.
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Word Slinger is my "go to" word game. Lots of fast paced fun if you play the timed version, or take your time and go for strategy with the untimed version. Either way a fun game to play. This is first game I load on a new computer.
I love Word Slinger! Better than any other word game out and I don't have to wait for a friend to get back to me with the next word. It's the best game ever!
A real brain teaser, great fun and uses up those little grey cells. Beating the clock is also great but hard work to keep up. The sense of achievement for both games is so good. Two thoroughly enjoyable thinking games.
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