Assemble the family treasures and sabotage your brother's plans.
"Blon is a fun little game. Plays well, largely intuitive, and visually appealing. The blobs are cute. I can see myself sinking a fair bit of time into this. If you like side-scrolling platformers, this is worth picking up."
-Review from Verified customer: Drasynia
Game Description
Blon takes you through a challenging and pixelized side-scroller platformer. Travel through many worlds with just one goal: defeat your mad brother. To beat him and save your family, you will be able to unlock several playable characters, upgrade your abilities, and experiment with your skills tree to become even stronger. You play as Blon, an intrepid, well... blob, whose jealous older brother has just stolen the family treasures. In your pursuit, collect the leaves lost by your brother, and rebuild the family castle to improve your abilities. Can you assemble the family treasures and sabotage your brother's plans?
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