Jump between bubbles that float in the sky like you’re a space dolphin.
"Ynglet is one of the weirdest platformers that I have ever played, but I had such a great time. It's peaceful, cathartic, gorgeous, and offers a decent challenge. This is a great game to keep you busy for an afternoon. This is a game I'm happy to recommend to all platformer fans."
-Review from Verified customer: HighDensityLipo
Game Description
Jump between bubbles that float in the sky like you’re a space dolphin, as you melt into a highly reactive and dynamic soundtrack created by Ynglet’s custom and needlessly complicated music software. Find the level of challenge that suits you with granular difficulty settings. The ability to set quick respawn points at any time means repeating frustrating sections is never required. Dash into walls in the meditative platformer world of Ynglet, with absolutely no platforms.
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