Defeat the evil demon that has settled in the nearby forest.
"I enjoyed Copperbell, and Its smooth mechanics of jumping, dodging and killing enemies make it a neat little casual addition to anyone's game library. Its beautiful hand-drawn art and smooth gameplay demonstrates the developer's hard work that has gone into making this well-polished game. It's a nice, calming title to finish in one sitting on a lazy day."
-Review from Verified customer: MzCookies
Game Description
Copperbell is an enchanting and visually stunning hand-drawn adventure that immerses you in a world of fantasy and danger. You are tasked with banishing a powerful demon that lurks within the forest, threatening the peace of the entire realm. You must be brave, quick-thinking and cunning to survive the treacherous terrain and fight off dangerous enemies that stand in your way. The game's rich narrative is brought to life through challenging gameplay mechanics, which require players to explore the mystical environments, solve intricate puzzles, and overcome formidable obstacles.

With every successful challenge and defeat of a boss, you collect coins that can be used to upgrade your abilities and gear, making you even stronger as you prepare for the ultimate showdown with the sinister demon. The game's clever mix of combat and exploration ensures that each level is unique and exciting, while the exceptional graphics and immersive soundtrack further elevate the experience. Copperbell is a must-play game for any adventure seeker, guaranteeing hours of entertainment and endless excitement.

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