Derpy Conga

Derpy Conga

Overcome challenges and swing past obstacles with your conga line of friends.
"The developers have hit home with the cleverly made puzzles that are both challenging yet achievable without needing to bash your head against a wall. Derpy Conga is one of the best games I've ever played! Near perfect in design, every part of the terrain was well-thought-out and perfectly designed. What makes this game worth playing is the puzzles and exploration. They are consistently creative and satisfying to complete. Some puzzles remarkably managed to captivate my attention for hours without feeling the slightest bit frustrating."
-Review from Verified customer: ChochKlah
Game Description
Derpy Conga is a physics-based platformer about the importance of friendship. Gather all your friends and take them on a journey to save their endangered planet. Take their hands as you find them, and form a conga line without leaving anyone behind. But be careful, as the longer the line, the harder it is to control. On the other hand, certain obstacles are easier to overcome when you have friends on your side. On your journey, you will encounter different kinds of friends, each with unique abilities. Explore colorful and lively worlds as you travel through space in Derpy Conga.
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