Fort Defense

Fort Defense

Engage in an uncompromising struggle as the battle rages by land and by sea.
"Fort Defense is a pretty straight-forward tower defense game. I really enjoy the pirate nautical theme; I think it is a much more appropriate theme for a tower defense game, as a waterway could require attackers to follow a set path, and defensive towers could easily be constructed to hinder them. The graphics have a vibrant painted look to them, and the art style is very pleasing with a degree more polish than some other tower defense games such as Kingdom Rush or Garden Rescue."
-Review from Verified customer: OpalKnight
Game Description
All hands on deck, as the pirate armada is dead ahead in Fort Defense. Engage in an uncompromising struggle, repelling freebooters' assaults as the battle rages by land and by sea. Build towers, collect crystals and upgrade spells before the enemy catches the tide and ruins your fortress. Two worlds, more than 40 levels, unique ships, menacing bosses and powerful spells all await you in this unique pirate-style tower defense game.
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