A Tale for Anna

A Tale for Anna

Explore a charming world packed with puzzles and captivating characters.
"A Tale for Anna is a wonderful game, and I enjoyed every minute. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys an entertaining challenge. It is a colorful tale that is enchanting with many tricky mini-games."
-Review from Verified customer: jsonntag
Game Description
In A Tale of Anna, experience a captivating journey of self-discovery as you guide a titular character through a magical world. Guided by her trusty talking cat, Tail, Anna is on the brink of uncovering her own power as a sorceress and finally unveiling the truth about her identity. But an evil queen stands in her way, intent on stealing Anna's powers to bring about an age of darkness. As you explore this alluring game world filled with puzzles, mini-games and fascinating characters, you will join Anna on her journey to unlock her power and ultimately thwart the wicked queen's plan.

A Tale for Anna has something for everyone, from engrossing storytelling and challenging puzzles to beautiful visuals that draw you into its enchanting fantasy universe. The game boasts fun and engaging gameplay as you assist young Anna in unlocking her unique power, while growing into adulthood in an inspiring tale full of humor and heart. Experience A Tale for Anna yourself, where your choices will shape both who she becomes, and what fate awaits the kingdom she inhabits.
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