A Tale for Anna

A Tale for Anna

Explore a charming world packed with puzzles and captivating characters.
"A Tale for Anna is a wonderful game, and I enjoyed every minute. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys an entertaining challenge. It is a colorful tale that is enchanting with many tricky mini-games."
-Review from Verified customer: jsonntag
Game Description
Enter a realm of magic and wonder as you experience the coming of age story of young Anna, the last sorceress in her kingdom. Raised by a talking cat named Tail, Anna is on the verge of a life-changing discovery that will reveal the truth behind who she is. Standing in her way is the evil queen, who intends to steal Anna's innate magic and use it to bring about an age of darkness. A Tale of Anna presents a charming world packed with puzzles and brimming with captivating characters. As you explore this enchanted world, you'll play challenging mini-games, collect the objects Anna needs to progress, and gradually reveal an unforgettable story of humor and heart. Will you help Anna stop the queen and fulfill her destiny?
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