Sail through the sky to repaint the islands before they collapse.
"The Ubinota premise is that there is a civilization in the clouds, made possible by using paint that can fix the clouds in space. As the levels progress, you're given more and more types of paint colors that need to properly anchor to the correct fixed clouds. It's almost like solving multiple mazes in a 3D space. Extremely relaxing and zen-like. Well executed."
-Review from Verified customer: Phawx
Game Description
In a world where inhabitants live in the sky on floating islands made of cubes, a disaster threatens to make the population fall into the depths. The magic paint that keeps the cubes stuck together is drying out. Lucien, a trainee painter, fights with others against the disaster by sailing through the sky to repaint the islands. Wield your magic paints with improbable powers to solve over 100 mind-bending 3D puzzles, and save the zen world of Ubinota.
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