Algo Bot

Algo Bot

Command your service droid on a recycling mission gone horribly wrong.
Algo Bot is an immersive adventure set deep within the Europa, a pan-galactic colonization ship, where the crew dreams of their upcoming life on the distant side of the galaxy. However, there's no time for rest for Algo Bot, a service droid operating on the junk deck. During a routine recycling mission with his grumpy line manager, PAL, disaster strikes, plunging the Europa into chaos.

When this routine mission goes terribly wrong, it leads to a crisis threatening the entire ship. Now it's up to PAL and Algo Bot to restore the Europa's systems and revive the shipboard AI, without which the crew won't wake up. As you play, you'll step into the role of the operator, using a visual programming language to issue commands to Algo Bot. Navigate through complex puzzles and critical challenges, wielding your coding prowess to save the ship and its crew from an impending catastrophe. The success of the mission rests in your hands; will you rise to the occasion?

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