Artist Colony

Artist Colony

Explore the neglected canvas of a once thriving utopia of artists.
"Artist Colony is about several people who are searching for another place to live on the island. After being shipwrecked, you are instructed how to get each person to interact with different objects on the island so they can survive. Once a colony member knows his job, just sit back and watch them. It's a slow-paced game but sometimes we all need a breather."
-Review from Verified customer: wrdpm
Game Description
Delve into the world of Artist Colony, a once flourishing sanctuary for pioneering creators, now a forgotten canvas needing your attention. Embark on the journey to restore this creative paradise, lure artists back and rejuvenate their zest for sculpture, dance, music, and more. Your mission is to navigate each artist, helping them hone their craft, create masterpieces, and ascend to new heights in their respective fields.

You are not just a guide, but a mentor in their relationships, a shield against rivals, and an investigator to unearth the enigma behind the original settlers' abrupt departure. Artist Colony beckons you to rekindle the dormant spirit of creativity and steer it towards an artistic renaissance.

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