Follow the adventures of Rhen, a young heroine tied to the heart of a dark prophecy.
Set in a world of magical creatures and wondrous sights, Aveyond brings to life the classic turn-based RPG adventure genre. Take on the role of Rhen, as she embarks on an epic quest to save her kingdom and its people from a looming darkness. Explore strange lands, battle powerful monsters and seek out ancient artifacts while uncovering secrets that lead to legendary quests. This role-playing adventure offers an engrossing narrative in an exciting world of mythological creatures and magical powers. With deep character customization options and meaningful choices for progression through its story mode, Aveyond provides an engaging experience for all ages.

The game also boasts various puzzles and challenges to complete – from classic inventory puzzles to skill-based tests that require you to carefully plan your moves in order to defeat enemies or obtain powerful rewards. With strategic battles against challenging bosses which put your tactical skills to the test, Aveyond is sure to provide hours of thrilling entertainment for gamers looking for a classic RPG experience with modern appeal. Plus, with plenty of side quests available, this game has something new at every turn – be it secret weapons or hidden characters waiting just around the corner. From crafting unique armor sets perfect for any situation or building relationships with NPCs who can become invaluable allies, there's plenty to love in the enchanting world of Aveyond.

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