Bear With Me

Bear With Me

Hunt for clues and interrogate the witnesses and suspects of Paper City.
"Bear With Me is a classic point-and-click adventure game and that is great. The game is displayed with a lack of color to show that it's a dream. It's definitely quirky but that's okay. It is amusing and the puzzles are generally good. It's a pretty good story about a small girl with her stuffed animals. The bear is a tough but funny alcoholic detective."
-Review from Verified customer: purpletwilight88
Game Description
Haunted by nightmares, Amber wakes up in the middle of the night only to find out that her brother Flint is missing. She seeks help from her trusted teddy, Ted E. Bear, a retired grumpy old detective. The dynamic duo sets out to hunt for clues and interrogate all the witnesses and suspects unaware of the dangers that recently started happening to residents of Paper City. The plot thickens as a mysterious Red Man has been seen starting fires around Paper City and looking for little miss Amber. Featuring a uniquely drawn 2D art style, witty dialogue from start to finish and a player driven non-linear story, Bear With Me is an episodic noir adventure to behold.
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