Covertly spy on your tenants in a dystopian world without privacy.
"Beholder is a detail-driven Time Management game with smooth movement and cool illustration-style graphics. The missions and interactions are fun, anxiety-inducing, wicked and always influencing each other. One choice may remove a number of options in the future, or provide options. You never know. I played this for almost 48 hours straight, using the autosave feature to go back and replay missions and retry interactions with characters. It's dark in tone, so not for the younger kiddos. But it's a great game."
-Review from Verified customer: sepiatron3000
Game Description
As the manager of a government-run apartment building in the grim dystopian world of Beholder, you find yourself in a difficult position. The State has absolute authority, privacy is non-existent, and your livelihood depends on keeping your residents happy while fulfilling the directives of your superiors. Your task is to install surveillance equipment, spy on your tenants, and conduct secret searches to uncover the secrets of your neighbors. However, this task is not without risk. Your actions could lead to the wrath of the government and put you and your family in peril; but at the same time, becoming an oppressive dictator could harm your reputation and cost you your job.

Beholder presents a challenging moral dilemma, forcing you to navigate the delicate balance between serving the State and protecting your own interests. With stunning graphics, intuitive controls, and a haunting soundtrack, you'll be fully engrossed in this dark and disturbing world. The game also features multiple endings, based on the choices you make throughout the game, giving you the opportunity to explore different paths and outcomes. Beholder promises to keep you fully absorbed with its spellbinding narrative, demanding gameplay, and contemplative themes.

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