Bomb your way through hordes of enemies to face the Gunslinger.
"Bombslinger is the Bomberman-style concept I've been waiting for! I've enjoyed more than a few Bomberman games, but the same old grid arena battles for the single player mode always felt lacking. Bombslinger has totally figured out that scenario. It plays more like the original Zelda, as you can walk around a map in any direction, with seemingly random area designs for each new room you enter. Getting to use the Bomberman four-way explosion mechanic in an action RPG-style game really gives it a feel all its own. Also the pixel art style looks great and totally works with the overall aesthetic of the game!"
-Review from Verified customer: OMGlenn
Game Description
Wear the poncho of the Bombslinger, a former ruthless bandit turned rancher, as he sets out on a journey to avenge the brutal murder of his wife. Bomb your way through hordes of enemies, defeat your former posse and get to the final showdown with its leader, the Gunslinger. Featuring explosive Bomberman-inspired single and multi-player gameplay, procedurally-generated levels and tons of items make each play unique, Bombslinger is a wild Spaghetti Western adventure.
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