Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella

Put your own romantic skills to the test and run Elena Battista's life.
"You call the shots and run their lives. It's so much fun! The graphics are really wonderful and the story line is great. Especially since you get to change the story as you see fit. It makes the game fun to play over and over."
-Review from Verified customer: LindaLTrujillo
Game Description
Put your own romantic skills to the test and run Elena Battista's life just the way you like it. You'll need to make all kinds of decisions to manage events and catastrophes that plague Elena's day-to-day existence. Will you rush out and buy flowers to solve a family crisis? How will you consult Elio in his time of need? Will you ignore life's little hassles and choose to kick up your heels all in the name of fun? Be sure to do whatever it takes to achieve balance, harmony, and most importantly love in Ciao Bella.
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