Maze Lord

Maze Lord

Face the dangers and monsters that await you in the dragon’s dungeon.
"Really great brainteasers. I love these kinds of puzzle games, and the different enemies and items add a dimension that livens up the genre and makes the experience really enjoyable. Some floors seem so easy but end up deceptively difficult while others can be the other way around. It's a great mix and can keep you on your toes. The level designers did a fantastic job and made sure to keep it from being stale."
-Review from Verified customer: Cresir
Game Description
For ages, the wicked dragon frightened and devastated the vicinity, hiding countless treasures in the serpentine mazes of his dungeon. But now, the dragon has gone too far by abducting a beautiful princess. The realm needs the kind of hero that will challenge the maze head-on and free the defenseless princess from captivity no matter what dangers and monsters await in the dragon’s dungeon. Featuring more than a hundred creative levels, intuitive game mechanics and unique puzzle gameplay, only you can save the stolen princess in Maze Lord.
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