My Life Story: Adventures

My Life Story: Adventures

Set off on a whimsical adventure in search of your life's true calling.
"My Life Story: Adventures is an enjoyable virtual life game. It is simplified, but less frenetic and without the crazy, sometimes unfriendly competition that exists in similar games. The story line is very light-hearted, however it is still a fun game with challenging goals. If you're looking for a soothing escape from real life stress, you'll like this game."
-Review from Verified customer: pses
Game Description
Set off on a whimsical adventure in search of your life's true calling in My Life Story: Adventures. It's time to dump your dead-end job, find a mentor and start working toward the life path of your dreams. Along the way, you'll encounter colorful characters with unique problems that only you can solve. New challenges lurk around every corner, and only you can shape your path to greatness.
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