My Life Story

My Life Story

Survive the ordeals of modern day life as you strive toward the career of your dreams.
"My Life Story is a different type of game to what I usually play. It took some time to get the idea, but once I did I found it most enjoyable!"
-Review from GameFools customer: gingermouse27
Game Description
Survive the ordeals of modern day life as you strive toward the career of your dreams in My Life Story. As a recent high school graduate living in your parents' basement, life is just getting started. It's time to find a job, move into an apartment and work your way through the collegiate ranks. As you explore the town, you'll uncover special events, intriguing encounters and even home furnishings that improve your weekend. Difficult choices lurk around every corner, and only you know the true path to success.
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My life story is a really fun game and helps cure boredom. I liked it :)
Reminds me of the Sims because you can progress in the story like a real life adventure. I love the unknown elements of the game.
It was very fun! I liked the airplane and the airport tower. The characters were very good. I really enjoyed it!

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