Point Perfect

Point Perfect

Blast the scum to whence it came to earn glory and nerdy bragging rights.
"Playing Point Perfect is like training yourself to become the most powerful mouse user in the world. As the title states, you need to use your mouse pointer perfectly. One mistake in the game and you're done for."
-Review from Verified customer: MeduMegu
Game Description
The planet is being attacked and it will take a bodaciously bad-ass cursor pilot to blast the scum to whence it came. Dodge, dip, duck, click and point your way to glory in the most gnarly retro-arcade death trap that you are likely to ever play. Point Perfect will put your gamer attitude to the ultimate test and might make you cry a little in the process. But fear not young pilot, because with great challenge comes even greater glory and nerdy bragging rights. For a select few it will even mean graduating from the prestigious Point Perfect University of Aeronautics, which of course includes a printable diploma that you can hang on your wall to make Mom proud.
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