Manipulate various puzzle elements to forge a path to the goal.
"Reky is an excellent puzzle game. It's well polished and gameplay is clever and unique, where you have to jump a dot around a 3D space to reach the exit. The route to the exit needs to be created though by moving the colored blocks around. You can use your little dot to change which block is painted to help forge your path to the exit. Having solved each puzzle, I now enjoy optimizing the solution to use the minimum number of jumps. Well worth playing!"
-Review from Verified customer: MadDogTorx
Game Description
A logic puzzle game, Reky marries an elegance of design with an architectural minimalist aesthetic to create an experience that is fresh, stylish and satisfyingly challenging. The player interacts with the different puzzle elements of each level, shifting and moving them in order to create a path to the goal. Everything in the game is simple and functional, with only cubes, lines, exits, portals and a dash of color used to create a large variety of brain-teasing challenges.
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