Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion

Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion

Escape a twisted mansion made of rooms that slide like puzzle pieces.
"Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion is brilliant! I absolutely enjoyed playing this game. Very addicting and visually pleasing. The puzzles become really challenging towards the end, and thus it can get pretty stressful but still entertaining. It also contains bonus levels, which have different rules but are still manageable. The two different endings were also a good addition to the game."
-Review from Verified customer: Ren
Game Description
Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion immerses you in a unique and eerie world where each turn brings a new challenge. In this game, you find yourself in a bizarre mansion where the rooms slide like puzzle pieces. Your task is to navigate through this labyrinth, moving rooms and utilizing the objects within them to find your way to the exit. As you delve deeper into the mansion's mysteries, you encounter an array of gadgets that progressively make the puzzles more intricate and demanding.

Set against a backdrop that feels like a cross between a fairy tale and a ghost story, you play as Anne, a young girl who finds herself accidentally trapped in this daunting mansion. Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion boasts a total of 144 levels, spread across four distinct mansions. Each mansion features its own basement levels, where Anne's special abilities come into play – from teleporting with a cellphone to strategically placing bombs and the power to shift all rooms simultaneously. Your journey through Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion is a chance to unravel the chilling tale woven into the very fabric of the Toymaker's creation.

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