Virtual Families

Virtual Families

Care for your own virtual family with all the drama of life.
"Virtual Families is like Tamagotchi evolved. Think of it like Sims, only that the game continues even when you're asleep. The music is terrific, you can bond with your virtual family, keep them on their toes, and guide them to prosperity. It's simple yet addicting."
-Review from Verified customer: Dekaku
Game Description
Care for your own virtual family in real time, and keep all the members happy and healthy. Adopt and nurture your first member, help them meet a mate and start a family. Dictate everything from their daily routine to their career, earn money to decorate the house, buy groceries, and other essentials. Shape your character`s personality by rewarding certain behaviors and punishing others. Pass on the house as your family members grow up for generations of fun.
More Verified Customer Reviews
I like Virtual Families very much and spend quite a lot of time checking in several times a day so I know everyone is well and has plenty to eat. It is a great game and not demanding, gives many choices to make, and most of all needs no Internet to play so when all is down I can still enjoy my Virtual Family. Also, I've had contact with GameFools for help and they are awesome and helpful!
I loved this game. It has a great, realistic storyline. It was fun to play and chose your characters and learn about real-life events. A great escape from the real world.
When I was younger, this game seemed a bit slow-paced. Now the music and gameplay are relaxing when I get off work. Just the thing to relieve the stresses of your own life for a while.
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