Virtual Villagers: The Secret City

Virtual Villagers: The Secret City

Land on the hidden shores of Isola and explore what was once a secret city.
"I used to play this game when it first came around. I was feeling nostalgic and Googled it. GameFools had a Virtual Villagers collection at a price I couldn't resist. Now I am playing the game again. It is just as adorable and challenging as I remember. I find myself go online for strategy. It makes me smile every time I play."
-Review from Verified customer: micksmed1966
Game Description
In Virtual Villagers: The Secret City, you'll explore a unique and captivating world, uncover mysteries and evolve a village with the inhabitants. Along with gathering resources for the villagers, you'll also help them cultivate the surrounding environment. You'll need to uncover resources to build up your villages and develop powerful structures that can help further enhance your abilities. This engaging game challenges players of all ages to nurture their tribe through ingenious problem-solving and carefully-crafted strategies.

Immerse yourself in an adventure full of thought-provoking puzzles that range from simple tasks like collecting berries and finding hidden artifacts, to more complex objectives like restoring ancient technology. Each new mystery will unravel more secrets about Isola's past, giving players greater control over their villagers' future prosperity. Personalize your tribe with individual names for each villager as they explore mysterious monuments around Isola, while competing against other tribes in unique contests such as fishing duels or racing competitions. With entertaining gameplay elements combined with resource management and puzzle-solving strategy mechanics, Virtual Villagers: The Secret City has something for everyone.
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