Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life

Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life

Watch over a group of villagers as they explore and save the legendary tree.
"Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life is a wonderful strategy game. The graphics and sounds are quite good, particularly the music. As with the rest of this series, there are many objects to collect, tasks to do in order to gain points and keep the villagers going, and specific tasks to accomplish to reach the ultimate goal of saving and healing the Tree of Life. It is challenging and takes time, and it's a great stress-reliever; a fun little virtual world to escape into."
-Review from Verified customer: pses
Game Description
Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life is an exciting adventure game with a unique gameplay system. Guide your villagers through life-simulated scenarios while they explore, solve puzzles and cultivate the island. As they progress, they can unlock new secrets and discover hidden artifacts that help progress the storyline of Isola. Through exploration and discovery, you can unlock special abilities for your villagers to use in the puzzles that arise throughout the game.

What makes Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life truly unique is its immersive gameplay experience that includes strategic planning for your village as well as learning about their culture, skills and abilities over time. As you work to help restore Isola's lost glory by solving mind-bending puzzles, every decision made impacts how quickly or slowly your tribe progresses — providing endless hours of replayability. If you’re looking for a challenging yet rewarding puzzle adventure game full of surprises around every corner, then Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life is the perfect choice.
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Great game as are all the Virtual Villagers games. Need some new ones. Will definitely buy when new games become available.
I love the Virtual Villagers series! I find the games interesting and have completed all of them, but still start over and do it again. Tree of Life is my favorite and I recommend it to anyone.
This game is incredible! Still feels like when I was younger and used to play this game. Makes me super happy to play it. I love this game. Thank you GameFools!
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