Buried In Time

Buried In Time

Reveal the truth behind an ancient legend exposing a story of love and betrayal.
"Buried in Time really nails it with its top-notch art and audio. The storyline is a breeze to follow and never boring. I loved how each character is unique with their own looks and skills – it really brought them to life. The romantic storyline adds a sweet touch, offering some cool perspectives on love, like the idea that kindness and care in a person are way more valuable than just ambition. That's something I totally agree with. I'm all in for more games like this, especially with characters that have even more distinct personalities and stories that are fun yet make you think a bit."
-Review from Verified customer: isoldesue
Game Description
Tragedy befalls a peaceful kingdom when a sacred jewel is lost. Hundreds of years later Bingham and Jack, two young archaeologists, arrive in search of the precious stone and the secrets behind a city’s great demise. Reveal ancient artifacts and relics exposing a passionate story of love and betrayal. Do events in the past sometimes foretell the present? Could true love await you amid the sifted sands? Discover the truth behind a legend Buried in Time.
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