Luxor 2 HD

Luxor 2 HD

Sail across famous pyramids and temples on your mystical winged scarab.
"Luxor 2 HD is a much better game than any of the other Luxor games. It provides variety and gets harder, requiring more skill, as it moves from start to finish. I find it challenging even to get through the easiest level and have not mastered the game at all. It is exciting. My wife and I play it on separate computers all the time."
-Review from Verified customer: rcampbell_5
Game Description
With an immersive story and some of the most beautiful levels in the series, Luxor 2 HD will take you on a thrilling journey as you attempt to restore balance and peace to the land. Set within ancient Egyptian temples, tombs and monuments, you must shoot magical spheres around chain-linked paths. Match three or more of the same color spheres to make them disappear before they reach their destination. With stunning level designs and captivating gameplay, Luxor 2 HD provides hours of exciting match-3 fun for both new and experienced gamers alike.

Luxor 2 HD takes gamers on an epic adventure through Ancient Egypt as they tackle 88 visually stunning levels. Using their mystical winged scarab, they must shoot down approaching magical spheres before they reach the pyramids at each level's end. Exciting bonus rounds include unleashing lightening storms upon enemies or conjuring forth powerful fireballs when two like colored orbs touch – creating spectacular explosions that grant bonus points. Luxor 2 HD combines exciting match-3 gameplay with immersive storytelling set against the backdrop of awe-inspiring Egyptian monuments that beg exploration.
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Its a great game to kill time while waiting on the phone or when you have something cooking in the oven. It takes some skill and has good graphics. I recommend it.
Great sound effects, fast-paced, enjoy the different levels. It's everything I expected, would recommend.
Of all the Luxor games on this site, this is one of my favorites. It's challenging and very addicting.
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