Luxor: Amun Rising

Luxor: Amun Rising

Destroy the approaching spheres and drive back the princes' invading forces.
"Luxor: Amun Rising is so addicting. I find myself going to my PC when I know that there are other things I should be doing. Oh well, Amun Rising needs attention too. This game is a must have for any collection."
-Review from Verified customer: grimesm23
Game Description
In Luxor: Amun Rising, follow the path of Horus, using your winged scarab to shoot and destroy spheres before they reach the pyramids. Destroy chains of same-colored spheres, strategically choosing from 12 different power-ups, such as a lightning bolt that can zap entire rows or a pharaoh's piercing gaze that can obliterate any sphere in its sight. The scorpion power-up combines the destructive powers of multiple power-ups for maximum damage potential. Relax and enjoy entrancing Egyptian music as you challenge yourself to complete over 88 levels of Adventure mode, plus eight challenging bonus levels.

Experience an innovative twist on classic match-3 gameplay with special level objectives like collecting gems, collecting treasure chests and breaking open Amun's Chambers to unlock hidden artifacts and powerful talismans. Unlock secret pyramids and use your wealth wisely to purchase magical weapons, talismans and more to upgrade your arsenal and stand up against even the most powerful enemy forces. Luxor: Amun Rising offers plenty of opportunities for intense gaming action while also providing a calming environment perfect for unwinding after a long day.
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