Tumble Bugs 2

Tumble Bugs 2

Call upon your frog, butterfly and rhino beetles to save your buddies.
"I love Tumble Bugs 2. The graphics are so bright and colorful. It's really fast paced which makes it super challenging. And there are so many levels and two different modes -- beginner and expert. The levels on each mode are different so you have double the number of puzzles, making it even more challenging. The little bug is so darn cute when you fail a level and he looks down and shakes his head with thorough disappointment. It really makes you want to try harder the next time. I would absolutely recommend this game to adults, teens and kids of all ages. It is really that much fun!"
-Review from Verified customer: dw6.holly
Game Description
Tumble Bugs 2 captures the fun and humor in your battle against the black bugs, while you are tasked with firing bubbles, matching colors, and creating chain reactions in order to clear levels. Face a wide range of enemies on your journey, but the challenge is made easier by an array of power-ups that grant bonus points and special abilities, such as the freeze shot. This classic match-3 game has been taken to the next level with fresh content, exciting gameplay, and charming characters.

Those looking for an engaging puzzle experience need look no further than Tumble Bugs 2. With 90 levels full of captivating challenges, users are sure to be kept entertained for hours on end as they traverse colorful lands populated with bugs. Alongside the core game play mechanics comes unique obstacles like cupcakes or bars which require strategic solutions for success. Those that reach higher stages may even discover hidden levels filled with magical rewards. Get ready for an adventure full of brain-teasing puzzles that will put your skills to the test while providing loads of bug-blasting fun.
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