Tumble Bugs

Tumble Bugs

Save your colorful beetle buddies from being enslaved by the Black Bug Empire.
"I just love Tumble Bugs! I hadn't played it in years but decided to download it again. It helps keep my mind, sight and dexterity sharp. I enjoy using the mouse, and the gameplay supports that very well."
-Review from Verified customer: mlc1248
Game Description
Tumble Bugs is a vibrant and addictive match-3 puzzle game, designed to entertain the most seasoned of players. Set your beetle buddies free from enslavement at the hands of the Black Bug Empire. By matching beetles of the same color in groups of three or more, you can battle through more than 130 unique levels. Utilize helpful power-ups like Ballistic Bugs, which let you lob shots over rows, and multiple shooting platforms that provide different angles to tackle tricky puzzles.

Aside from giving you an entertaining challenge, Tumble Bugs also provides an opportunity for problem-solving skills development, as well as promoting creativity and logical thinking. Its accessibility means everyone from young children just getting into gaming to experienced adults can find enjoyment while sharpening their minds. Tumble Bugs is jam-packed with colorful 3D visuals and exciting animation that will draw in gamers of all ages for hours on end.
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